Our business support


Experience tells us that good Instructors excel when they have the tools,
training and support necessary for them to grow.

Just some of the Tools we provide!

postcardsMarketing suite
We have devised an on line marketing tool kit that contains everything from business cards and posters to presentations and campaigns.

Everything can be edited so the Instructor can add that personal touch and even pop in their own images.


For a fraction of the cost of building a bespoke site – our team can provide a website that contains the core messages that we know will work PLUS the ability for each instructor to personalise and ensure local search engine optimisation.

These contain on line bookings and payment functionality and strong National branding to match our central PR.

managment-siteManagement systems
Our customer management system is far more than simply a booking portal – our Instructors have access to direct debit and credit card functionality, group e mail messages and a host of functions to ensure they can communicate with clients and leaders at all times.

Those who offer other exercise sessions such as Pilates, Yoga or PT can add these too – Book a demo with our team to see why Exercise Anywhere is the way forward for your business.

freedom-card-benefits-2015-300x255FREEDOM Passports
and Membership cards

We supply our NWUK Instructors with the Nationally recognised FREEDOM passports for each customer they induct via the ‘Learn to Nordic Walk’ programme.

Once registered, the customer can access FREE membership of NWUK and gain associated benefits such as discounts in our store, Cotswold Outdoors plus a host of other suppliers.

These incentives motivate your clients to purchase their own equipment and we reward all Instructors for every code used.

The Support

The HQ experts are constantly on hand to support our Instructors and Franchisees in all key areas:-

social-media-2Marketing & Social media

We have an in house social media and marketing team who work from the top down to make sure they constantly engage with our deliverers  and the customers in order to promote our innovative approach to outdoor fitness and Nordic  walking!

We send monthly marketing bulletins and prepare central campaigns too.

financial-repportFinancial & Admin

Our team process monthly reports for each Instructor and can even help with filing tax returns and monitoring business mileage. Dedicated support staff are always on hand to make sure each and every Delivery Partner or WALX Master have everything they need to excel.

itI.T and technical

We provide I.T training and constant back up support for those managing our bespoke websites and management systems.

liverpool-20131018-00075Mentoring & Meet ups

Our established and experienced Instructors help to support and mentor those newer to delivery. We also offer regional meet ups where we listen to Instructors and keep them up to date with any changes.

This networking is vital to the Exercise Anywhere/WALX concept because success comes from teamwork.

The Inspiration!

At Exercise Anywhere and WALX We NEVER stop evolving and adding to our programmes, training and tools.

We constantly Invest and Innovate because we believe that successful Instructors are the solution to the inactivity crisis.

Join us and together we can make exercise appealing, effective and fun!

Our business training for WALX Masters

Our expert Business Advisors and Industry experts will support you to gain business funding and guide you through the following so you can be sure of regular income and concentrate on doing the things you love:-

  • Conducting a S.W.O.T analysis
  • Writing a business plan
  • Competitor analysis
  • Identify key differentials
  • Positioning and mission statement
  • Developing strategic partnerships
  • Demographic Analysis
  • Building a Robust sales process
  • Creating a structured marketing plan
  • Understand how to monitor performance, expand markets and lead growth using KPI’s (Key Performance Indicators)
  • Create financial growth and accounting principles
  • Develop Growth strategy
  • Understand funding
  • Understand business legalities