Nordic Walking for Physiotherapy Rehabilitation

Course Overview

This 1-day workshop is designed for a physiotherapist or similar (e.g. military rehabilitation exercise therapist) who wishes to use and modify basic Nordic walking and Exerstrider techniques to facilitate improved movement as part of a clinical rehabilitation goal, or enable enjoyable participation in physical activity.

The workshop is delivered by a qualified physiotherapist and experienced Nordic Walking UK tutor. The tutor uses Nordic Walking and Exerstrider for clinical purposes, and relates the teaching to real patients.

Note: This course is a professional module and does not include group management, route/class planning or other content required to deliver NWUK Nordic walking classes.

Course Content

  • How to teach basic techniques of Nordic Walking and Exerstrider, adapted for specific medical conditions
  • How to apply clinical reasoning to the basic movements of Nordic walking and Exerstrider techniques to facilitate improved gait patterns and walking capacity
  • Analysis of current research on efficacy of Nordic Walking for specific medical conditions
  • How to identify the differences between Nordic Walking and Exerstrider to best design a patient rehabilitation programme
  • How to identify the main components of creating an effective risk assessment that reduces patient risk of injury
  • Exercise adaptations according to patients’ needs
  • How to identify route choice and terrain to meet patients’ needs


  • 8 hours practical workshop


Nordic Walking for Physiotherapy Rehabilitation consists of workshops and practice sessions. All candidates are given verbal feedback. There is no formal assessment.

Other benefits of this training

Engage with local and regional Exercise Anywhere programmes delivered by our network of fully qualified instructors, to enables signposting of patients to suitable local classes. The joined-up Exercise Anywhere online booking portal can also provide you with client participation data beyond the initial clinical intervention.


PRE REQUISITE – Participants need to be currently active within the field of Physiotherapy or other Exercise Rehabilitation Therapy

Participants will ideally be competent in basic Nordic walking technique (gear 1 – 2) prior to the workshop. Nordic Walking UK can help arrange a suitable practical workshop locally (additional charge) prior to the training for participants who have no Nordic walking experience.

Contact Nordic Walking UK on: 01392 956856;

Nordic Walking for Physiotherapy Rehabilitation



Product Description


London — 17th March 2018
Derby — 24th May 2018

DURATION – Face-to-face teaching – 1 day (8 hours) practical delivery

COST – £115.00 (Bespoke payment options available for delivery in-house workshops)

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