Functional Fitness and Ageing Well Module


This WALX Wellness programme was developed to ensure that those who may struggle to keep up with others on even gentle WALX can enjoy an outdoor exercise class that combines balance, flexibility and vital upper body strength work. Designed specifically for use with Older Adults or those living with long term conditions, the course helps our Instructors to provide solutions that will unlock mobility issues and help everybody find improvement.We explore WALX poles for stability and how to programme for or manage Dementia, Osteoporosis, Falls prevention and issues relating to Menopause, Mental health and confidence



The course includes joint mobility exercises, relaxation via breathing drills and builds up gradually to improve fitness in a functional way. The strap line is:-

“Adding life to your years and not just years to your life”

Instructors who deliver this concept are trained to combine gentle pole walking with balance drills, resistance bands, smoveys and strapless walking poles to ensure there are no barriers to taking part and that each participant works according to their own level of mobility and fitness.

This course is suitable for instructors wishing to work with deconditioned customers and who have an interest in working towards an exercise referral qualification.

Workshop Content

  • Stability for mobility and balance pole walking methods and exercises
  • Adapting joint mobility exercises and aiding flexibility
  • Balance and conditioning for the older adult
  • Relaxation via breathing drills and mindfulness
  • Falls prevention drills
  • Exercise tips for osteoporosis
  • Identifying Mental Health and low Confidence
  • Exercise and Menopause
  • Tips for Dementia WALX


  • 8 hours practical workshop


This WALX Wellness workshop consists of practical sessions. All candidates are given verbal feedback. There is no formal assessment.



DURATION – 1 day

COST – £150

PRE REQUISITE – NWUK Instructor with Basics of Strength and Conditioning

CPD POINTS? — Yes / 2 CPD Points

Functional Fitness and Ageing Well Module

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Product Description



DURATION – 1 day

COST –  £150

PRE REQUISITE – NWUK Instructor with Basics of Strength and Conditioning