TMW Level 2 Foundation Course

What is TMW?

TMW (Tai Chi Movements for Wellbeing) is a specially developed sequence of movements which promotes physical and emotional health and wellbeing.

With origins in both Tai Chi and Chi Kung, the TMW sequence distils elements of these arts into a simple series of movements without the complications of technique or complex forms. TMW has one sequence but many applications, making it truly multi-dimensional. It can take just 10 minutes and can be done whether seated or standing, making it flexible and accessible to all. Watch TMW film http://

Why Train in TMW?

As a Nordic Walking Instructor, you know that movement is the key to good health, wellbeing and healing. TMW Training’s dedicated training programme helps bring the benefits of Tai Chi movements to people of all ages and stages and is the ideal complement to a Nordic Walk.

As a qualified TMW Trainer you can:

  • offer TMW to individuals or in group classes, either as part of Nordic Walk or outside of a Nordic Walking context.
  • help people to connect with and nourish their sense of aliveness – physically, energetically and emotionally – the feeling of being well.
  • bring the meditative and mindful aspects of TMW to encourage people to live more fully in each moment.
  • be part of a national organisation offering this vital work in a variety of settings. TMW is currently being offered in community centres, to carers’ organisations, in residential care homes, in schools, by NHS physiotherapists, through the GP Referral Scheme in Wales, by British Lung Foundation Active Instructors, by Nordic Walking Instructors, to name but a few.
  • You may also wish to take the training simply for your own benefit and then decide how little or often you want to teach. No previous knowledge of Tai Chi is needed in order to take the training

The TMW Training Programme

We offer a professional training, carefully designed to deliver an effective and supportive programme, giving you the best start for your new role as a TMW Trainer. The programme gives you 8 days tuition over 4 weekends, plus home study and practice.

The areas covered include:

  • Underlying principles and core understandings of TMW
  • 12 movement Standing Sequence
  • 12 movement Seated Sequence
  • Physical, psychological and emotional benefits of each move
  • Introduction to meditation
  • Two supported teaching practices
  • Teaching skills
  • Guidance for setting up classes, including publicity templates

Also included in the training package:

  • Detailed Protocol Manual
  • All training support materials—DVDs , Leaflets, Handouts
  • Your first year’s Membership of the Association of Professional TMW Trainers
  • Attendance at two CPD Days during your first year of qualification

The Training Journey

Module 1 : The Sequence

An in-depth, highly experiential introduction to the underlying principles and to the Tai Chi Movements for Wellbeing sequence

Between Modules One & Two you will be expected to make the sequence a daily practice.

Module 2 : The Protocol Introduction to the TMW

Protocol which gives you the sequence of principles and movements and how to communicate them to others.

Between Modules Two & Three you will be required to practice leading an individual in the sequence and complete a series of simple written questions before or after each class.

Module 3 : Revision and small group practice

Detailed revision of the sequence to deepen your knowledge and understanding of the moves. Introduction to teaching a small group.

Between Modules Three & Four you will be required to practice leading a group of 3 people in the sequence and complete a self-reflective report after each class.

Module 4 : Review and final assessment

Further revision, continuing small group practice and final assessment.

Full attendance at all four modules is required, which, together with fulfilment of the assessment criteria, including satisfactory completion of the assignments between modules, leads to award of the TMW Level 2 Foundation Certificate.

Successful candidates will be qualified to lead stand-alone classes in Tai Chi Movements for Wellbeing, together with a shortened sequence to be delivered as part of a Nordic Walk. No previous experience in Tai Chi is necessary.

DURATION – 8 days over 4 weekends
Full attendance at all days is required.

COST – £995 inclusive of support materials and your first year’s membership of the Association of Professional TMW (Deposit of £398 payable on booking with balance due at the end of July 2019)

CPD POINTS? — Yes / 10 CPD Points