FREEDOM programme

The FREEDOM programme is a structured induction programme that is taught by participating Instructors across the UK and is also perfect for community projects.

Taught over 4 sessions with strapped poles or 1 – 2 sessions with the Urban Poles (the Power of Poles induction), it ensures every participant is able to not only master Nordic walking technique but to also understand how to use it to get the results they want.

Using a simple ‘ gear’ method of introducing technique, it enables the Instructor to add layers of technique that matches the movement patterns of the participants. Every session helps to build in progression and intensity as well as goal matching for each client.

The ‘Gears’ allow both Instructors and participants to use a universal language when referring to session intensity and progression. Instructors can use them in circuits and workout drills and clients can be reassured that a walk is at the right level for them when they book anywhere in the UK.

freedom-passports-smallUpon completion of the FREEDOM programme a FREEDOM passport is issued to the client. This contains a unique code that signifies that they have been suitably inducted, understand the correct level and type of walk and are safe to be led by walk leaders.

As a Health and Safety caution only Tasters and ‘Learn to Nordic Walk courses’ are bookable until this code has been entered and each participant has a personal ‘Members profile’ which also contains their Par Q and indicates to Instructors if they have any medical contraindication that could affect their suitability for any class.

Passport holders also have the opportunity to get the Nordic Walking UK/WALX Membership for FREE and benefit from discounts in the NWUK store and our partners such as Cotswold Outdoor, Hotter shoes, Rohan and many more.  See Membership Benefits for more information. NWUK provide the passports free of charge to all Instructors who deliver the FREEDOM Programme.



The FREEDOM programme also includes simple walk/session descriptions which have recognisable icons to help people locate exactly the right types of sessions for them. These include:-


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Instructors work as team to create inspirational programmes that contain a range of sessions in every area.
Some clients may require alternative Induction processes such as the NWUK Wellbeing Induction or the FAST track for the fitter client who is keen to master technique over a shorter period. Lesson plans for both are provided.

Community programmes & Workplace Health

NWUK programmes have been delivered in over 200 community programmes as part of physical activity promotion, exercise referral and Active ageing/Falls prevention initiatives with proven results.

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