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Choose the right qualification or course for you – we have something for everyone from those new to physical
activity training to Personal trainers, Physiotherapists and School teachers.

WALX Diploma in Fitness & Nordic Walking
This comprehensive course for anyone wanting to become
a successful Nordic Walking instructor able to run a NWUK group and operate as an NWUK Brand Ambassador.
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NWUK Technique Instructor
A one day course suitable for those wishing to teach NW technique to others - great for those linked to projects health clubs etc or individuals seeking more knowledge
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Activator™ Training for Rehab Professionals
Motivate your clients while significantly improving treatment outcomes for balance, core strength, posture, endurance; reducing impact on lower extremities and joints; and promoting functional gait patterns.
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Activator™ Community Instructors & Leaders
The Activator™ Community Instructor training focuses on strapless Nordic poles, often more suitable for those with mobility or stability issues, and with a much easier learning journey for the customer than using strapped Nordic poles.
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If you still have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact
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What NWUK Instructors say about us!

“My dream to be a fitness instructor was realised faster than a wink. From the day I called to make enquiries to the day I sat my exams, I had my website up and running with social media support to create the noise to announce I was open for business. I tested the patience and skills of those NWUK angels who support us in all matters related to training, sales, IT and beyond. I can now get on with what I love (the walking stuff). NWUK/WALX have the infrastructure and experience which we can piggy back on, such as the marketing suite, website SEOs, online booking, business planning and development which allows you to grow without headaches and guesswork. I have evolved with them as they have grown and they have empowered me to be part of their vision for the future .This is a no-brainer if your dream is to be in business, not working on a business”
WALX Master - Reading
Almost passed out when I opened this week’s earnings, it’s been my best ever amount. I do have to pay my Assistant out of this amount but still OMG!!! I can’t believe it. I’m so excited, it really can happen, how did that happen!! Did I do that!! Sorry I’m quite delirious…
A good start to 2017 - my first ever oversubscribed Taster! Just need to find a suitable weekend slot for the extras (plenty of space on the midweek one!). Also a good split of 5 men and 7 women of those on the Taster. Even had someone book at lunchtime on Christmas Day! All I've got to do is up my game to cope with my largest group to date.
We would also like to thank Martin our instructor from NWUK for the 2 days in house training at Warners Hotels, I can not say enough but the best instructor of a course I have ever had. We loved every minute and what a great experience this will bring to each Warners site. We have come away very excited and blown away.

Just to update you, all seems to be going well with my launch. I had 15 people on my first taster, 8 on my second and I have 8 tomorrow and my conversion rate is really pleasing - 12  from the first session. I am sure the booking system really helps, I am so pleased with it.

I also attended the MSE and Wellness training course over the weekend and I incorporated some of the exercises into my first 'Learn to' class today and confidently too. They were excellent courses and perfectly timed as far as my own learning.

As a ‘technophobe’ who just wanted to be out teaching, I was concerned about the transition to on line bookings and considered sticking to my manual system but in January I had over 50 direct taster bookings via the Exercise Anywhere system. I could NEVER have managed the enquiries, coped with the admin or held on to those customers before and am now delighted that I am part of this professional network. The HQ team are the experts and they are really supportive too – it’s changed my life!
Having been a delivery Partner for several years, I was reluctant to change a model that worked for me when NWUK introduced the Exercise Anywhere booking portal. The team at HQ really supported me to introduce this change to my Members (not always easy as they are set in their ways). Now I am delighted as I have over 100 people on the new portal and have seen an uplift in enquiries plus a massive reduction in admin. I am really grateful to NWUK for their investment in this and can now see that is the future for both Instructors and Customers.
Being part of a National brand makes so much sense – a lone Instructor will never be able to develop the professional image or generate the interest that I get from being part of the Exercise Anywhere network. It’s a no brainier and the extra training was invaluable.
I have been involved in health and fitness for over 20 years and have participated in a lot of courses etc. With this in mind was looking forward to the Nordic Walking training days. It was brilliant to meet and engage with so many different people. I would say the NWUK course booking, materials and staff was the best I have ever come across. I was so inspired by the enthusiasm and general professionalism from our trainers.Even though we were out on the heath in pouring rain I loved it and could not wait for day two!!! Coming away very excited about my future plans for Nordic walking in our area, I was chuffed to receive a call from the office to see how it all went. That's what I call service. I have already put an order in for 8 sets of poles and have started to spread the word.. Well done all.. and thank you for giving me a spring in my step.
The Marketing package and business manual provided me with a structure that helped me to both gain and retain customers – crucial in the early stages. The advertising materials are professional and have been really useful but it’s the back up from Nordic Walking UK HQ, the networking with other Instructors, the conferences and the additional courses that are second to none. Everyone is helpful and friendly.
Nordic Walking for Physiotherapy Rehabilitation
This 1-day workshop is designed for a Physiotherapist or similar (e.g. Military Rehabilitation Exercise Therapist) who wishes to use and modify basic Nordic walking and Exerstrider techniques.
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