Activator™ Training for Rehab Professionals

Please note: This course is only for rehabilitation professionals or fully qualified Nordic Walking instructors that have experience in working in the rehabilitation sector.

Dynamic evidence-based ACTIVATOR Poles are revolutionising rehabilitation.

Motivate your clients while significantly improving treatment outcomes for balance, core strength, posture, endurance; reducing impact on lower extremities and joints; and promoting functional gait patterns.

Learn how this dynamic, evidence-based, patent-pending tool is revolutionising rehabilitation and is being used extensively in all continuums of health care and has many benefits compared to passive mobility devices such as canes; and can be introduced to reduce the use of crutches and walkers, when appropriate. Provide opportunity for your patients to take responsibility for their own exercise improvements by signposting to nationally available Nordic Walking UK Wellbeing classes.

They have been instrumental in promoting an upright posture and a functional walking pattern compared to canes and walkers. In my opinion they facilitate rehabilitation and return patients to optimal function faster.”
— Dr. Charles G. Fisher MD MHSc FRCSC, Past President of the Canadian Spine Society


  • Research Review – 235+ studies on walking poles on PubMed
  • Why typical Nordic Walking poles may not be appropriate for many conditions.
  • ACTIVATOR Poles and Technique for a variety of conditions including Parkinson’s disease, Stroke rehabilitation and hip/knee replacements
  • Info sheets on use of fitness walking poles with each condition
  • Seated, Standing and Pre-Gait Exercises
  • Using the poles with older adults and spinal conditions
  • Nordic walking technique for managing diabetes and cardiac rehab
  • Videos of using the ACTIVATOR poles with different chronic conditions and innovative exercises with excerpts from leading physiotherapists including: Dr. Becky Farley PhD, Judy Boivin, Peter Vavougois, Lisa Roberts, Cathy McNorgan and researcher Dr. Daniel Bechard PhD


  • Manual
  • e-Certificate upon request
  • Individual discount on ACTIVATOR and Urban Poles
  • Opportunity to become an affiliate of NWUK/WALX in order to represent us and retail poles

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Activator Training for Rehab Professionals



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16th May 2020 (Bromsgrove)

23rd July 2020 (York)

DURATION – 4 hours
COST – £89.00

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