Exercise Anywhere Advanced Diploma in Fitness, Wellbeing & Nordic Walking

Course Overview:-

This course is the complete package for those who wish to deliver a range of outdoor classes including the NWUK wellbeing programme, circuit-based classes and sessions that include resistance and other strength exercises. These skills will enable you to deliver innovative and effective classes in a range of locations from care homes and the workplace to parks and the wider countryside.

Course Content:-

  • The Exercise Anywhere Diploma in Fitness and Nordic Walking is completed initially as part of the Advanced Diploma
  • Understanding of muscular strength and endurance training
  • NWUK Wellbeing programme, including the Exerstrider stability-for-mobility pole walking method
  • Basic mindfulness / relaxation
  • Balance and conditioning for the older adult
  • Using bands, bodyweight, partner drills and other outdoor equipment
  • Planning circuits and interval training


The Exercise Anywhere Diploma will be completed prior to attending for the Exercise Anywhere Advanced Diploma.

The Advanced Diploma then includes 2 direct contact days:

  • Nordic Walking Strength and Conditioning
  • NWUK Wellbeing


  • See the Exercise Anywhere Diploma in Fitness and Nordic Walking assessment
  • The Exercise Anywhere Advanced Diploma includes comprehensive workshops and practice sessions. All candidates are given verbal feedback. There is no additional assessment.

All Exercise Anywhere Advanced Diploma graduates also receive:-

  • A NWUK Instructor card which provides discount in retail stores nationwide (including Cotswold Outdoors, Rohan and Hi-Tec) plus up to 30% discount in the NWUK store
  • Business launch support
  • Optional social media / webinar and support
  • Mentoring from established local NWUK instructors (if required)
  • FREE Listing on Exercise Anywhere class search & booking portal*
  • Credit card and Direct Debit payment systems**
  • Inclusion in NWUK promotional campaigns, PR and central contracts
  • Basic client management & communication software (and training)
  • Marketing pack
  • Branded clothing
  • Discounted equipment pack, and commission on retail sales
  • Cascade Walk Leader training is provided for those with a growing programme who wish to train their own leaders (subject to suitability)

*All NWUK Instructors are required to gain a minimum of 3 NWUK CPD points per year to remain listed on the portal, ensuring all Instructors are up to date. Listing is subject to payment of an annual renewal fee of £125 from year 2 (monthly payment plan available)

**Admin charges apply for all transactions


DURATION – 6 days (usually 3 x 2 day sessions with revision and practice in between)


  • With Fitness Instructor level 2 £950
  • Advanced Diploma only £595 (must have level 2 or above and may only need 5 days)
  • Monthly payment plans options available

PRE REQUISITE – None required – experience of basic Nordic walking is preferable but not essential. Those with medical, coaching or similar qualifications may be able to. All ages and fitness levels welcome as we pride ourselves on having Instructors who represent the actual population!

ASSESSMENT — Practical Assessment is carried out throughout the course with the option to also complete theory papers on final day (or return at a later date if preferred)

Exercise referral and specific modules for delivery of exercise to special populations.


PRE READINGComplete Guide to Nordic Walking


Exercise Anywhere Advanced Diploma in Fitness, Wellbeing & Nordic Walking

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January / February 2018
Manchester — (20th to 21st January) and (3rd to 4th February)

February 2018
London — (8th to 9th February) and (22nd to 23rd February)

February / March 2018
Bournemouth — (22nd to 23rd February) and (8th to 9th March)

March / April 2018
York — (3rd to 4th March) and (17th to 18th March)
Milton Keynes — (22nd to 23rd March) and (12th to 13th April
West Midlands — (14th to 15th April) and (28th to 29th April)

April / May 2018
Manchester — (26th to 27th April) and (10th to 11th May)

May / June 2018
London — (12th to 1th May) and (2nd to 3rd June)

June 2018
Derby — (9th to 10th June) and (23rd to 24th June)
Edinburgh — (14th to 15th June) and (28th to 29th June)

DURATION – 6 days (usually 3 x 2 day sessions with revision and practice in between)
For details and dates of day 5 and 6, visit Basics of Strength and Conditioning and Nordic Wellbeing.


  • With Fitness Instructor level 2 £950
  • Advanced Diploma only £595 (must have level 2 or above and may only need 5 days)
  • Monthly payment plans available



Why not upgrade to our highly successful business start- up option and become a full delivery Partner for Nordic walking UK?

NWUK Advanced Diploma students can now hit the ground ‘walking’ with our proven complete business solution which includes all of the above plus a personalised branded website and management system, a Marketing tool kit with pre prepared campaigns, social media support and access to business mentoring and support from our experts.

The Advanced Diploma enables you to access a wider range of markets or to specialise in specific programmes. The additional skills will vastly improve your ability to prescribe effective exercise solutions and add variety to your class schedule.

This option includes strategies for growing a programme with walk leaders and/or other Instructors and being part of the NWUK delivery Partner network (read more – Business Support)


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