Smovey Health Coach

Smovey was designed to offer an increased level of fitness, happiness, and relief, by stimulating the body and mind in a fun and enjoyable way, free of heavy lifting or impact training. With slightly greater amplitude and frequency of vibration, smoveyMED offers greater effectiveness of training.

Many people with Parkinson’s Disease are experiencing significant improvements in their symptoms with the inclusion of smovey or smoveyMED vibration rings in their exercise programme. WALX has teamed with Smovey Health of Ireland to bring the revolutionary Smovey Health Coach and smoveyMED Practitioner training programmes to the UK in 2020.

Smovey Health Coach training is delivered as a 1-day and 2-day training programme. For medical professionals, therapists and personal trainers working on a one-to-one basis opt for the 1-day programme. For WALX Masters and Coaches, Nordic Walking UK Instructors and other group exercise professionals wishing to deliver Smovey Health programmes within a group class or WALX programme, choose the 2-day programme.


Day 1:

  • Introduction to vibration training with smovey and its special mode of action
  • smovey history and development of devices specially adapted for the health sector
  • Neurological basis of smovey and smoveyMED
  • Neurodegenerative diseases at a glance
  • Special medical conditions and how to use smovey and smoveyMED rings for greatest benefit
  • Practical application in prevention, therapy and rehabilitation
  • Expertise, studies, scientific projects
  • Individual topics and areas of interest

Day 2:

  • Group exercise programmes for:
    • Balance
    • Strength
    • Coordination
    • Cardiovascular fitness
    • Flexibility
  • smovey programme and class structure



  • Manual
  • e-certificate
  • Instructor discount on smoveyMED rings
  • Opportunity to deliver Smovey Health classes within the national WALX programme. Further information on request.

Early Bird pricing:

Book 4 weeks prior to your preferred training location and date, and benefit from our early bird price of £175 per training day. The standard price is £215.


Upon completion of Day 1, you will be able to work on a one-to-one basis using Smovey or smoveyMED rings. After Day 2, you will be able to deliver Smovey Health group classes. To do so, you will need to purchase Smovey or smoveyMED rings.

When attending the training, you are required to provide your own Smovey or smoveyMED rings. These are available at Instructor prices upon booking the workshop and can be delivered to your home, or can be delivered to the training venue (free delivery) ready for collection at the workshop. Please enquire for prices.

Smovey Health Coach

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