I have been involved in health and fitness for over 20 years and have participated in a lot of courses etc. With this in mind was looking forward to the Nordic Walking training days. It was brilliant to meet and engage with so many different people.

I would say the NWUK course booking, materials and staff was the best I have ever come across.

I was so inspired by the enthusiasm and general professionalism from our trainers.Even though we were out on the heath in pouring rain I loved it and could not wait for day two!!!

Coming away very excited about my future plans for Nordic walking in our area, I was chuffed to receive a call from the office to see how it all went. That’s what I call service.

I have already put an order in for 8 sets of poles and have started to spread the word..

Well done all.. and thank you for giving me a spring in my step.

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