WALX Rangers

Workshop OUTLINE

This workshop has been designed for instructors who have some (minimal) experience of working with children and want to engage younger participants. It is also suitable for school teachers, scout leaders etc. who want a fun way of getting Kids active outdoors. It is a fun course that will give you the skills to walking for juniors and families, in the private market or within schools or other youth organisations.

Our drills and games have been designed to appeal make being outdoors an adventure that involves using the whole body. We blend in learning such as Navigation, Geography, Maths, Nature and even technology. An understanding of relating fitness walking activities to the national curriculum and supporting schools to introduce progressive ‘Daily Miles’ and ‘Walking Bus’ concepts are included

Course content

  • Planning fun activities for kids
  • Games and drills
  • Motivation and enjoyment
  • Working with schools and clubs


  • 8 hours practical workshop


The WALX Rangers workshop consists of teaching workshops. All candidates receive verbal feedback. There is no formal assessment.


DURATION — 8 hours (Bespoke courses available for schools )

COST — £150

PRE-REQUISITE: NWUK Instructor or PE teacher / children’s group leader or coach

WALX Rangers



Product Description


DURATION – 8 hours (Bespoke courses available for schools)

COST – £150